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Welcome to UREC. We are a premium educational support/service company based in England and China.  UREC offers an inspiring range of offline and online programmes for students and a comprehensive service for international schools in China.

We provide students with a unique opportunity to study under UK G5 and US Ivy league teachers. UREC has an extensive resource of outstanding partner organisations, and exceptional schools within the UK and China.  All of whom support the caring and personal ethos that UREC endorses. We provide a service that goes hand in hand with the student’s school curriculum which enables them to excel in their academic life. We believe every child can succeed if they are given the right advice and support.

Our experience comes from working with top quality teachers and coming up with bespoke study plans for our students. We work with over 30 international schools in China on ECA’s (extra curriculum programmes), Teacher Recruitment and mentorships. We have a unique perspective on the education sector in China and this allows us to give a truly special service.

Starting the Journey of Educational Excellence

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Teaching at UREC

UREC offers offline and online programs. The teachers are carefully selected from among the finest education professionals. They are all impressive individuals who not only have the required qualifications but are also specifically chosen for their all-round accomplishments.

Our online teachers are undergraduates, postgraduates and alumni from UK G5 and US Ivy League universities exclusively. Each fully understands the British and American school systems and continues to receive professional training after joining us. The classes are 1-1 or 1-2 and last 30 or 60 minutes. The age for online classes is 7-18.

Our Offline classes “Kids Corner” are taught by experienced teaching professionals from within China. Our extensive recruitment of native teachers allows us to select the very best teachers for our offline programmes. The classes can be done in a 1-1 or 1-2 format or as groups between 4-8 students and last 60 minutes.

Career Opportunities
  • Immersive Environment
    Our high standard of teachers and our methods of teaching enable our pupils to develop all-round excellence in an immersive English environment.
  • Multiple Roles
    UREC teachers play different roles throughout the academic year, serving as subject teachers, extra curriculum teachers (competitions) and mentors.
  • Competitions
    We promote competition and hope our students are the best in the fields they choose to study with us. We help to prepare students for world renowned English, Maths, entrepreneurship competitions that help with their character enhancement.
  • Studying with UREC
    We prepare the students to be lifelong learners. We have enormous knowledge of the British and American curriculums (IGCSE, SSAT, A-level, IB, Cambridge Pre-U, AP, SAT, ACT). With 5 focused departments: English, Mathematics, Science, Business Studies, Humanities. UREC gives students a clear path to academic success.
  • Studying with UREC
    The sport that we focus on is golf. We have a dedicated PGA advisor that give us the ability to teach English in a competitive sports environment. Allowing for the students character to be strengthened.
  • Studying with UREC
    We provide rigorous music courses including theory, appreciation, arrangement and composition. Music fosters pupils’ cultural understanding and develops their creativity.
  • Studying with UREC
    We provide a wealth of art courses, such as graphic design, painting and sculptures. Helping students to discover skills and talents and develop their creativity, coordination and perseverance.
  • Studying with UREC
    Student Competitions
    We offer comprehensive preparation for some of the most renowned English (Speaking and Literature), Mathematics and entrepreneurship competitions in the world. Participating in these competitions gives the students great confidence and is amazing for their future school and university applications.
  • Studying with UREC
    Study Tours
    Our domestic and international study tours are a unique combination between fun and studying. Each study tour has a theme such as “Leadership, Debate, Entrepreneurship, Pre-University, Laboratory Time.” We inspire our pupils to develop their full potential.
Study Tours
Student care
At UREC we care about every child. By observing our prospective students in a consultation, we gain insights into their individual character, interests and strengths. We then provide personal counselling to encourage and guide them to develop these talents and realise their full potential.
Each pupil is a part of the UREC family. Working closely with subject teachers and a tutor we are responsible for the all-round development of the child. Our mentorship system fosters pupils’ communication skills, team spirit and sense of competition. We provide a student report at the end of each school semester.
Annual Report
We monitor the students progress throughout the year and constantly provide them with goals and objectives that should be met outside of their classroom. We push the students to be the best that they can be in their chosen fields. Our Annual review provides the students with detailed information about their work and progress.
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UREC was founded on the belief that education is the best investment one can make. Safety, Quality, Assurance and Longevity are the terms that define us. 

Official member of the BritCham Guangdong

Since 2019 we have become an official member of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong. We are delighted to be recognised as a leading business in promoting UK's education in China. The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong (BritCham) is an international organisation in China. Established in 1996 the BritCham Guangdong was established in response to the rapidly growing business links between the UK and Guangdong province.